Klatke Construction Corporation

Klatke Construction Corporation

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Published: 30 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We paid Mark Klatke all the invoices without question and have paid over 90% of the Klatke contract cost. We started to get frustrated that our project was not done after 10 months (initial time line was 3-5 months). We knew that he was doing other jobs and ours was put on the back burner (Mark told us this in August). Mark also mentioned some financial problems (he mention this in October). | Some of his financial problems are due to poor subcontractor supervision. HVAC subs installed the wrong size furnance incorrectly. The painters painted the outside colors incorrectly and then used the wrong stain which had to be redone. Canned lights picked in April but wrong size installed in end of June. | The tile subcontractor called me, end of October, to ask if our project was done because they had not gotten paid for work finished at the end of July. They were told a check was coming. Then they were told the payment was delayed because we had not paid Klatke. We had paid all of our invoice on time and mentioned this to our project manager but as of 11/12 they still have not been paid. | We were worried by this and asked for more detailed expenditures on our invoices. We asked three times for our job to be his top priority and finished. When we realized that the ceiling lights were the wrong size and told Mark. Mark got upset and pulled his crew from our project and told the plumber and electrician not to come the next day to finish up and sent us a Notice of Stoppage of work. | We did have some other major issues with the construction and thought we worked them out (we did pay additional cost). Months later Mark now states that we owe him money for some of the past work double and triple the original cost and won’t finish until we have an agreement but we don’t know what he wants. 10 days later he is still in the process of “coming up with an invoice”. | He is not making any effort to discuss how we can reach some compromise. | We don’t want to hire a lawyer. We just want the subcontractor paid and our job finished. | We stand to loose lots of money from this venture and we have lost lots of sleep. We have file a complaint to HomeAdvisor (where we got the referral from) and the BBB in the hopes that no-one else has to go through the suffering, and financial loss.

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