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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

James Knight and his KNIGHT VISION STUDIOS are nothing more then THIEFS! CROOKS! LIARS! SCAM ARTIST I hired James (Knight Vision Studio) to do a 30 Second Television Commercial MoCap Spot. The 3 day shoot was done at Raleigh Studios, sound stage 6. James said he would should the mocap with 60 cameras, and track 3 actors in the mocap volume with props. On the day of the shoot, James only had 16 cameras on set. He first told us that was by design. As soon as we began tacking the 3 actors, we saw the data was 100% Gargbage. Instead of tracking at 120 frames per second, James was tracking at 40 frames per second. His Data was WORTHLESS! He suggested shooting each actor seperately and stiching them together in MAYA! At that point I knew he was nothing mor then a FRAUD. He told us he was the Motion Caputure Supervisior on AVATAR or almost 5 years. I knew he was trying to SCAM Me. That was not a solution. A actualy mocap supervisor would have known that. We brought in the Best Practices Laboratory at Raleigh. This is where Knight Vision is located at Raleigh. James contiuned to lie by saying he could fix everything in Maya. Raleigh studios sent in a vfx supervisor on lot within 20 minutes, James was told to issue us a 100% refund. He did. That was a 50% deposit of the total cost of the Job. Raleigh executives came into sound stage 6 and told the owner David, of the BPL, that James Knight and Knight Vision Studios were no longer allowed on the Lot. While we packed up our, so did James. What we also found out the 16 mocap cameras were not owned by Knight Vision Studios. They were the property of the Best Practical Laboratory. We completed the shoot at another studio 1 week later, which cost us a 10% performance penalty. James is a SNAKE OIL SALESMEN. HE DOES NOT OWN A MOCAP SYSTEM. HE DID NOT WORK AS A MOTION CAPTURE SUPERVISIOR OR PRODUCER ON AVATAR (as he says or interviews that are online). GIANT STUDIOS AND LIGHT STORM WILL VERIFY THIS. HIS DEMO REEL IS FILLED WITH JOBS THAT KNIGHT VISION NEVER WORKED ON OR WAS FIRED FROM. GIANT STUIOS WILL VERIFY THIS AND SO WILL WARNER BROTHERS. James Knight is FRAUD. He has been kicked out of Raligh Studios, Marvel Studios, Warner Brothers Studios, Fox Studios and Sony Studios. ALL can be Verified by each studio. He is a SCAMMER: He lies about his experience, and then goes out and tries to hires independent contractors to complete the job.

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