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Published: 23 May 2018

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James Knight owner of KNIGHTVISION STUDIOS is a LIAR, CHEAT, SCAM ARTIST, FRAUD and a person who also sexually harrasses women. Myself and several others who once worked with James at Giant Studios, came to work for him at his own company: KNIGHT VISION STUDIOS. I had heard through the grapevine, that he and his partner Scott, had a habit of not paying their employees. Before accepting the job, I asked James if any of the rumors were true. He insisted they were not. Because I have known him for over 6 years I foolishly believed him. Initally we were paid to run the mocap system (motion builder) as well as solve data and do motion editiing. To make a very long story short. After the 4th week there, he said he was unable to pay us because he was in a messy divorce. We thought that since he said he was in partnership with Universal and we were on lot working at UVS1 on the backlot, we believed he would be good for the money. First he said a week, then it turned into 3 weeks. At that point we could not afford not to be paid. James got very nasty. He threatend that if we applied for unemployment, he would fight it. He also threaten us if we went to Universal’s H&R or any studio executives or if we hired a lawyer. He said he is on the board of BAFTA, AMPAS the VES and he literally said he would make sure we would never get a visual effects job again. We did go to an lawyer and we found out James and KnightVision have been sued in the pass. We also found out 1. He does not have ANY partnership agreement with Universal. 2. He has not been paying his employment taxes. He calls everyone “an independent contractor” which we are not. 3. The motion capture system that we were running is not even owned by James or KnightVision. James is a FRAUDSTER! If you look at his demo reel that he has online he is misleading the public to think the work was done at KNIGHTVISION. Why else would it be on KNIGHTVISIONS website.. right. Well WRONG. GIANT STUDIOS was the motion captue company that worked on AVITAR, REEL STEEL, KING KONG etc. KNIGHTVISION was not even in business. James Knight was nothing more then a Coordinator at Giant Studios. He NEVER ran the MOCAP. Infact if you look at the Credits on AVITAr on the DVD you will see he gave himself screen credit as a Motion Capture Producer. He got called out on that and if you check his IMDB he changed it to Performance Capture Project Manager (Un non-existant Title). Though the DVD will prove what he actually did. STAY CLEAR FROM THIS FRAUDSTER and his FAKE ENGLISH ACCENT. HE HAS LIVED IN THE US SINCE HE WAS 9.

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