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Deception by Getting Your Money for a Challenge

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Published: 26 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I visited Knockout Fitness for an inquiry. They have an interesting concept of 6-week challenge where they ask you lose twenty pounds or 5% of body weight within 6 weeks but here you have to pay the amount of $600 in advance, you can’t go for it by paying $50 weekly. They bring confidence in you and eventually you pay the amount in advance just to get it back by completing the challenge. Even I enrolled myself by paying $600 in this gym for changing my life by becoming more fit and here I made a mistake.

On day one, the instructor took my measurements and noted it down, she also gave me the target which I had to achieve in those 6 weeks. I was excited about it. Those weeks were not easy, I did a lot of physical exercises, cardio, etc. And I ended up losing 25 pounds, I was happy that I would get my money back. On the last day, I asked them to get the measurements as I have achieved my target, the lady took my measurements and went to compare it with my previous measurements and came with nothing but just a plain face. She lost my previous measurements and I was like where is the professionalism in this huge gym. She felt sorry to lose my details and I stated her clearly my previous weight and the weight after the challenge. But, she said they can’t rely on what I was saying, she needed those documents to give my money back.

Later, I got their idea of deception by getting their money by stating this 6 weeks challenge. I asked them to return my money back after deducting money whatever they feel like, but they directly said NO. I didn’t find any point of arguing with them. So, I left the place with a sad note. I would not recommend this gym to anyone.

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