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Koelbel Library

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Published: 25 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This occured in Febuary/March of 2019: | At the library to get some work done and next to me is a meeting room. Which are designated for groups and such but carry a quiet policy that requires everyone to keep their voices down. They can face expulsion from the library if thy get to loud. | I complained about them making noise to the staff and asked them to close their door so I wouldn’t have to hear it and all I got told was that the staff had been warned about the group making some noise and they were not concerned about it and if I had a problem, could move to a different place in the library. | They even had the balls to tell me they weren’t giving them preferential treatment and that is not a policy they have here when it’s quite obvious they do. Its your choice and right to sit anywhere in the library you choose and to enjoy your experience while you are there. | Not to mention the fact that a group does not outweigh an individuals right to a quiet and respectful space to get their work done. And because one group is obviously giving a kickback to the library, the library sees themselves fit to look the other way. | When unequivocally if it was reversed-they would promptly see to excusing that individual for whatever reason they could conjure. And these idiots claim they don’t have a policy of preferential treatment? Right….. | The group was nothing but a bunch of pansyass housewives bitching and complaining about what newest fad they are jumping on. I guess you cant expect much else from the land of rang-rovers and Stepford wives who think their five o’clock nail appointments are more important than people trying to increase their knowledge. | But what do I know. Im just a veteran majoring in Information Technology who reads human rights news and is concerned about the decline of our country and the growing wealth gap. But yeah, my individual work doesn’t matter compared to the five o’clock nail appointment. | This occured in April of 2019: And then on top of it, they have to claim there is a risk to health and safety if you take your shoes off to read a goddamn f*cking book. On carpet. In a library. As if what? You’re going to catch Chlamydia from just seeing my bare feet? Can you say more like obsession of appearance versus utility and function of a space? | I forgot to to mention the part that I am displaced right now and use this library for my work. Can you tell me what that means? Thats right, profiling. Lucky I don’t actually do something truly threatening to health and safety. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be able to function.

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