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Published: 21 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I contracted with www.koffeeware.com who is a content management platform for photo related websites out of France. The contract was for about $5500.00 to build my website and install my templates, backgrounds, and special effects. After that I was to pay a monthly hosting fee and a % of the product price. I sent them everything they needed to complete the website. They estimated the time to do the project at 30 to 60 days. | After many disscusions on Skype and many e-mails and 5 months into it they confessed that they were not website designers. They told me I would have to hire my own programmers to do the job. Their website showed all the items I wanted in a photo e-commerece website and found no other platforms that could do what they claimed. I told them I would hire my own programmers and did exactly that. After a month of the programmers struggling to make it work Koffeeware told me I needed to hire Phython and Dejango programmers – Why didn’t thet tell me that right away? | So, I did hire new programmers – then the problem was they would not tell them how to build the site. Skype and e-mail was at least a week to 10 days before the programmers or myself could get a reply, so most of the money I was paying the programmers was in getting Koffeeware to reply to our requests. BUT – we could not give them any detail – no long words, as they called it. | This dragged on for 2 years and they were demanding I pay the monthly hosting fee, which I told them I would do so when the website was working the way it should. They stalled on many stages of the process especially where they were the only ones who could make a change that needed to be done as we could not get access to it. I then started noticeing that many functions they had do not work and things they promised, they could not do. That was about the time they told me they would shut my website down. After 2 years and over $20,000.00 I have nothing to show for it. | I have been in the photo gift industry for over 25 years and have never seen such incompetence and disregard of the truth. Once they have your money you are on your own.

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Dr.Nnamdi Okonkwo

I just got the same thing with pics too I sent my info but nothing they can harm me with I can trace it all back too them.Im very wary of