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Published: 27 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Kollagen Intensive sends out emails and mailed advertisements about a “free sample” for a “line erasing” product. The ad says the consumer will only pay $4.95 for shipping. Then, after 30 days, if they haven’t heard from the consumer, the consumer will be enrolled in their subscription service and be charged $99.95 per month for 2 jars of their Kollagen Intensiv product. My wife ordered this product. We were NEVER charged the $4.95. Instead, we were charged $99.95. When we called, we spoke with “Jason”. He repeatedly insisted that we had waited 40 days to call, and as a result the first 2 jars had already been shipped and we had to pay the $99.95. He cancelled the subscription, but refused to refund the $99.95. I informed him that (a) we don’t agree that 40 days had passed, but -more importantly- we never even received the $4.95 charge. How can they charge us $99.95 for a future shipment before they even charge us for the product already received? I pointed out that we cannot be the first customers who have complained about this process, and who have sought a refund (in fact, I could hear other reps in the background talking about “refund”). Jason refused to listen or address any of this. After prodding from me and being put on hold several times, Jason offered to give us a 50% discount. I again asked him as a courtesy to please either waive this charge, or transfer me to someone who can. I explained I know there is someone at that company who has the authority to do this, as a matter of customer service, and to save them the hassle of dealing with me. I said I didn’t want to be “that customer” who goes to the media, goes to the regulatory agencies, and calls repeatedly; it would be cheaper to refund the $99.95 than to spend the time and trouble of having me continue to pursue this. If I’m left with no choice I’m capable of being “that customer”. Jason told me he wouldn’t transfer me, but would schedule me for a call-back from a supervisor. His tone throughout the call was very condescending and he repeatedly put me on hold when the conversation did not go the way he wanted. BEWARE THIS COMPANY! They depend on confusing you and stonewalling you. They do not engage in standard billing practices. And they do not care about you or their reputation, they care about getting as much money from you as they possibly can. I have already disputed this charge with my credit card company, and I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and state Attorney General soon.

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