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One of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life!

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Published: 16 July 2019

Posted by: Emilie

One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life was going to the Kraff Eye Institute. I have a cataract. After consulting with my friends and family and after reading multiple reviews, I decided to go to the Kraff Eye Institute and I regret the decision till today.

I had an appointment at 10 A.M. and as I did not want to be late for the appointment, I reached there by 9:30. I had to wait for an hour and a half before the doctor came. While I was waiting, I was not offered anything, not even a glass of water even when I asked for one. The staff did not seem to care about the fact that I had been waiting for more than an hour.

The doctor finally came after making me wait for so long. Even after coming late, he took almost half an hour to get ‘set up’. I was told to go inside his cabin. When I went, he was busy laughing while looking at his phone screen. When I greeted him by saying “Good Morning, Doctor”, he replied rather coldly.

He then looked at my previous test reports of both my eyes and told me that I will need to undergo some more tests in order to learn the current condition of my eyes. Before I could even say anything regarding the tests, he said that I would need to pay for those tests first at the counter as ‘Money is Important’.

After paying for those tests ‘first’, I came back to the doctor’s chamber where he was waiting quite impatiently. One of the retinal tests required me to place my chin in front of a machine where a face-rest kind of platform was built. I, doing that for the first time, was not able to place my chin properly on the face-rest on which the doctor grabbed my be my hair quite furiously and slammed my chin on to the face rest. It hurt my head but I chose not to react.

Then came the second test for which the doctor called a staff member. The test required a torch which had to be pointed at my eyes. The staff member held me tightly so that I could not move and it hurt me. Even though my eyes started watering, the doctor did not move the torch away from my eyes and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I closed my eyes, on which he forcefully opened my eyelids. After this test was done, I was not able to look at anything without feeling blinded.

When I asked him about the report, he said and I quote – “Let me do my job” while the staff member stood behind and grinned. It couldn’t have gone worse I thought when suddenly the cashier came and told me that I had to pay extra even after I had paid more than enough.

Neither the doctor nor the staff was friendly or understanding, and I would not recommend even my fiercest enemy to go to this place where there is no sense of hospitality or even a shred of respect for patients at all.

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