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These were just a few examples of how terrible this place is.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Kragor Orthodontics is located in Woodstock, Georgia and aims to deliver quality treatment to their patients. They claim to provide a full scope of dental services that include cosmetic industry, comprehensive industry, restorative industry, emergency dental care and much more. But lately, customers are been disappointed with the services they had at Kragor Orthodontics as they have unable to meet the customer’s expectation and some customers are thinking to change their dental consultant. They have said that doctors and staff at Kragor Orthodontics are very rude and don’t know how to deal with their patients. Customers have said that Kragor Orthodontics will be going to insist you get the services you don’t even desire for and later on they are going to bill a large amount. Whenever a patient decides to visit a dental consultant he expects the doctor to care about his health. But Kragor Orthodontics has not been able to do so. My friend, who had visited this place, told me that he went there for tooth extraction and along with that they tried to sell him bone graft surgery as well which he didn’t need at the moment. Kragor Orthodontics gave him an estimate of $1000. They took the up charge off; after the tooth was pulled they sent him away without even prescribing anything for pain, and not even for the infection. He was ultimately charged $400 just for a simple extraction. He was disappointed with the way he was treated at Kragor Orthodontics and never wants to go back again. Kragor Orthodontics has been rated badly by their customers as they are disappointed with the way they react to customers’ queries. One of the customers, who went there for tooth extraction, got the treatment and was sent home with no proper medication. The patients told that he was in extreme pain after the treatment and when he called Kragor Orthodontics to recommend any medicine or antibiotic which can relieve his pain, the Kragor Orthodontics refused to give anything for his pain. The patients finally convinced them to call for penicillin as his tooth was infected and well when he called Kragor Orthodontics for the follow-up, the lady from the other side told him that Antibiotic don’t cure infections. This left him devastated as he now has decided to deal this matter legally in the court. One of the customers told that Kragor Orthodontics only cared about making their dollars regardless of delivering quality services. She told that she was in tremendous pain as one of her teeth was hanging, the doctor suggested removing the tooth and tried to charge $350 but when the customer complained the doctor lowered it to $250. They prescribed her a medicine which she never received. She urged that all they did was to make their money without even realizing what her condition was at the moment. That’s why I’m suggesting you avoid this place at all costs. You’d be safer.

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