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A dentist fails to show care and kindness to their patients.

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Krause Smiles is unfriendly, unpleasant and ruined my experience on my first day to the practice. The dental team at Krause Smiles are not child-friendly. My son needed a tooth extraction and the doctor was impatient to have the tooth extracted. I didn’t see the kind person to have patience with kids.
I sat by my son’s side for the whole time to keep him calm before and after the extraction. The work team did not offer to help with my son nor come to my son’s aid. I felt terrible for the way we were treated by Krause Smiles.
They made our first experience feel traumatic from a simple tooth extraction. The pain wouldn’t stop, and the bleeding lasted for ten minutes.
There is nothing special about the practice. I experienced a lack of professionalism, patient care, and customer’s service. The personnel was not clean and tidy. There are no toys for kids and the entrance doesn’t show any item or advertisements about their interest in kids. I did not see any indication that made the practice feel child-friendly.
The lack of patient care, customer’s service, quality of dental care and snail-paced work in filling out forms for dental care, don’t give a patient a positive attitude about Krause Smiles.
My son recovered from the ordeal after two days and has not been to a dentist since that horrible experience.
Nobody at personnel tried to be nice to us or friendly. They did not share dental information.
Staff members are not involved with patients. They lack the quality of dental care and knowledge of customer care. It is not a highly professional team to work with at Krause Smiles. We hated everything at the practice and hoped to get out of our bad experience as quick as possible. Nobody made anything comfortable for us and explained the process to make us understand what the procedure is.
Staff members lack the interest to talk to us through the process. The dental care staff failed to inform us of the kid’s oral care. The poor knowledge of dental issues and lack of quality in the rooms of the dentist enlightened my knowledge of poor management.
Nobody considered our needs in the dental room. I will not go back there and face another ordeal with Krause Smiles.  I won’t recommend Krause Smiles to families and friends or other patients. It is hardly a place for quality, excellent customer’s service, and pleasant faces. The rude dental team is disrespectful and inconsiderate of their patients care. I don’t want any patient to experience my ordeal and it is only fair that I don’t recommend Krause Smiles to avoid mishaps and neglect to patients. I see this practice as negligent and not worthy of dental care treatments. There is no perfection in what they do for patients.
That is why I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to bring their kids to this terrible place. They will only face some problems.

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