Kristi Barto

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Kristi Barto, a waitress who slept with my husband

Kristi lives off in Port Angeles WA and is a co-worker of my husband. She claims to be ‘just friends’ with my husband at a restaurant they worked in together, for a couple of years.
I noticed a lot of times, she texted him or called him ‘for work’ of course. Eventually and thankfully that the restaurant shut and everyone went their separate ways.
After a couple of years we met her in a restaurant where she served our family and also spoke to my kids. One month forward to that I found my husband in her house, in the middle of the day.
As per their story, he ran into her at a convenience store and she invited him to her house, but it all led to having sex. They did this for more than 3 months. While she was smiling at my face she was also screwing my husband. This whore was too much, she knew he had a wife and kids and still she did this! Beware of this scandalous whore!!! She has no self-respect or morale.

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  1. Kristi April 11, 2018

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