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Published: 16 December 2018

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I am livid that this woman can even still be in business! I am normally not a person who complains about customer service but I just could not hold back. I need other people to be aware that this woman, Kristi Rogers and her operation, is a scam! I moved to Los Angeles originally from Dallas and I had a darling stylist back home whom I trusted with all my clothing decisions. Maybe it’s an LA thing, but Kristi did not exhibit an ounce of professionalism. Since I had just moved, I was trying to find someone to fill the role of my wardrobe stylist and I had gotten one recommendation for Kristi Rogers from a casual acquaintance. Even when I first contacted her, I was aghast at the language she used and her lack of professionalism. Because I had heard that people in LA can be this way, I decided to hold my tongue and meet with her for an initial consult. The initial consult went slightly better than the phone call and Kristi seemed to know what she was talking about. I still was not impressed with her whole attitude about the process. It seemed like she was not really all that interested in what I was looking for and she kept telling me that she knows exactly what to get me. It appeared that my opinion was not valid, but I wanted to trust the stylist. We discussed having her pick the clothes out for me and then during the second meeting trying them all on. We also discussed her personal fee, which was more than I was used to. I should have listened to my gut, but instead I needed some help because I had numerous events coming up and I needed a stylist desperately. I decided to just give her a try and I could not have been more disappointed. I realized when we had our second consult in her home office and she had purchased all the wrong items! It became very apparent that she did not listen to me at all! She picked whatever she thought was trendy when I explained to her previously that I prefer a more classic look. When I told her that none of these items would work, she became very pushy and kept telling me to try them on. I already knew that none of the items she picked out were my style and I did not want to waste my time trying something on that I did not like. She became hostile with me and told me that she has been doing this for many years and she KNOWS what looks good on people. I was so appalled that I told her to return everything and refund me her personal fee. She flat out refused! She told me that she still took the time to pick out the outfits and her time is very valuable. I told her that she did not perform any service whatsoever because she did not listen to me in the first place! I kept on insisting until she relented and told me she would refund me but that it would take a few days for the refund to hit my account. It has been WEEKS and I still have not seen anything! Of course my attempts to reach her have proved to be useless. I am passing this message along so others do not fall for her scam! Stay away from Kristi Rogers! .

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