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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

These guys claim to have opened up a Car Wash called IWC recently, Using all or most Chevron Gas Stations in the area. Advertised their ‘Business’ online. Kristopher Thibault keeps an employee at each of the locations he has opened. I was one of these people. I worked in car wash’s before and I know how they work. Now the image from an outsider this IWC may seem clean, somewhat. But from the workers, its everything but that. Barely, if any supervision for a new place, Kris is never there, literally. 1 Person is kept at each “New” Location to make it look atleast a little like a business. Cheapest products you can find on the market are used, and these guys just don’t come across as a business owners, even a new one at that. The whole business scam It’s just.. ridiculous, for lack of a better word. Regardless, of the above I decided to stay and continue working. Until the rip off, you work and they don’t pay. When it’s time to recieve your check, He will delay it for as long as he can. With nonsense, like for example “The check is with the gas station you should be able to recieve it when the manager shows up”. Come on really? Multiple times he claims he will be at the Car Wash at certain times in order to pay, hes never there. Something always comes up. Claims he will go to your home to pay you and this just goes on and on. Tried to contact any associates of his from chevron about the matter. Thats when the whole IWC Car Wash facade just dropped. Kristopher is calling my phone repeatedly, harrassing nonstop, claiming to pay 75% less than minimal wage. Changing his stories, claiming theft. and several other absurd claims. Not to mention the fact that he delayed the employer / employee paperwork. Not knowing the severity of that for him, tries to use it against the person he has working for him. Sound like a business owner to you? Until I decided, you know what, lets just report this guy, save anyone the trouble of being in the same or similar situation in the future. .

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