Krystalyn Escorpiso

Krystalyn Escorpiso broke my family, she stole my husband

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Published: 22 July 2017

Posted by: Marsha S. Gray

This woman is the biggest cunt I have ever come across. She broke my family, she took my husband away from me. I had been married for almost 12 years now, and I have 3 children. I am pregnant with the 4th child, and a few days back I found out about my husband’s affair with her. This is unbelieveable.
Krystalyn is my husband’s co-worker at his office. I don’t know what designation does she hold or when all this actually started. But when my husband got back home, he got busy playing with the kids, and that is when I saw his phone ringing with her number. I picked up but she didn’t say anything, so I checked his phone and messages and when I saw their conversation I was devastated. I had never thought this would happen with me, never ever.
My husband and my family have seperated. I still love him and I want him back, but it’s hard. I don’t know what that witch has done to him. He comes home, plays with the kids, acts normal with me, we even have sex, but at the end of the day he goes back to her. And whenever he is with her, she does not let him text me or touch his phone.
Once, she texted me from his phone, all the bad things. I was hurt, and I thought it was my husband, but later I found out that it wasn’t him, but her. She is evil. Super Duper evil. Somehow I am trying to get my husband back into my life, but I can’t. But, I will not stop fighting.. Till the end.

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