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Published: 25 March 2020

Posted by: Robylito

I bought CB Automator from Kudos Interactive in January. It is a plugin piece of software for WordPress. When I watched the video on the salespage the video showed the functionality of this plugin. The video claimed it could import content from specific categories of Clickbank, that it had certain specific settings to calibrate the importing and that it imported active products from Clickbank. After I installed and tested I found out: 1. The plugin could only import to WordPress content from random Clickbank product categories, there was not way to tell it to import from a specific Clickbank categories or niches. Many of the settings shown on the video did not appear, and it imported many content from products that were already inactive or not being promoted in Clickbank. I contacted support asking for a refund and 48 hours later they answered me that they would not refund me because the software worked properly and that they had a refund policy that stated that if I could not demonstrate the software did not work as intended or had a problem, they would not refund. I told them all the problems the software had as described above but they still refused. As if somehow they admitted there were problems with the software, they offered me to give me other software they produce as compensation. I refused and initiated a Paypal dispute. I lost the dispute because Paypal only considers a Protection if the software does not work as described. I told them that even though the software worked as described in the video, that did not mean it worked properly and many of the advertised functions were missing or not working properly as the import of inactive products. Paypal did not even consider that the seller, Kudos Interactive, was offering some other software to compensate for the problems. So I was left with a defective plugin and Kudos Interactive kept my payment. I thought the public deserves to know what this company is selling and so avoid getting into the same problems I and others went through. See other Reports posted here in Ripoff. I will only accept a refund from Kudos Interactive and so long as I don’t get it, I will continue making this public in other forums. I will consider removing my posts if Kudos interactive refunds me. Otherwise, Kudos Interactive reputation and its CEO’s name will be gaining bad reputation,

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