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Do not ever trust them.

Kumon claims to be the largest after school maths reading help institute. No doubt that their website seemed to be very engaging and promising. But I really feel very much regret while quoting that they ate just  fake and have no sense of teaching the students. Trusting them, I sent my child to study there and left all my stress on them since they promised me or let me say they did a fake promise to take care of my child’s studies. I was so confident that this he will make good marks and get a good result. I even paid there heavy fees without any hesitation. But unfortunately, I only got betrayal in return. It was too irritating since my child did not even scored better but went more down in his grades. And when I asked my son about this failure, he quoted me that the teachers of the institute were very careless and even did not teach me in the class. He further said that the environment of the class was very much entertaining and every student was just making fun and no one was studying. This really made me shocked. How can a teacher be so irresponsible? I immediately called the teacher to complain about this but she really did not talk to me properly instead blamed my child for this. She further miss behaved with me and did not talk to me properly and even refused to give me the refund. Later when I discussed this with my friends, I got to know that they pay money to people to write good reviews for their website. I would never suggest anyone to have their services. They are just fake and make false promises. They will give you fake hopes just to take money from you and nothing else.

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  1. Karen August 8, 2019

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