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Published: 24 June 2018

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I also experienced an attempted scam by Kutt Smith. He posted an ad on a puppy adoption site and asked that interested parties text their email address to the phone number 970-239-1294 although he put spaces in between the numbers so it wouldn’t be identified as a phone number. I just thought it was someone being careful but did think it was a little odd. He emailed me the information about his wife dieing and referred to her repeatedly as his late wife. He wrote he was ill and couldn’t care for the puppies needs. He wrote that he had gone to his farm in Denver Colorado. I had been searching in a different state so apparently he does this nationwide. He asked for a lot of personal details of my life which I did not provide. I wrote him back and told him I would be happy to supply any information after I received photos of the puppies and information about the parents. Alot of breeders do want to know what kind of home situation a puppy is going to but these questions seemed a little off. He sent me photos which looked too professional for what my instincts told me were his capabilities. I googled one of them and found it was a photo of a sold adult Shih Tzu on another website. I immediatly texted him not to ever contact me again. Also in that email he said for me to choose which of the 3 puppies I wanted and he would be taking them the next morning to be sent to me. He was asking $300.00 for the puppy and wrote $150 would be the delivery fee. I had not given him any of my exact information such as address, etc. but he had my name and phone number and email address. I should have known better than to let it get even that far. Any reputable breeder would be more open with their information. Also, I was searching the sites for puppies within 250 miles of my city which Denver is not. His 2nd email had more grammer issues and broken English style than his first email and that is what alerted me to look at the photos closer. Also, within about 5 minutes a notice came up on my computer that it identified something harmful to my computer and it immediatly restarted my computer on it’s own. The notice flashed up too quickly for me to get a good look at it so I don’t know if it was real or something he did to my computer. Perhaps clicking on the photo which was listed as an attachment caused this to happen and I suspect he somehow has infected or gained access to my computer. Please be more suspicios and careful than I was! .

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