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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I sent back my factory rims that have less than 34,000 very easy miles as a cores. They were verified to be straight by my tire installer and myself per LA Wheel and Tires policy. I received a phone call about a week later stating that one of my rims had a bent lip on the inner edge and that they I needed to pay $95 or they could take it out of my core deposit. I stated that the rims were verified per their policy and that no bends were present when I sent them back. The representative then stated that he would reduce the ammount I had to pay to $75. At that point I asked if the packaging was damaged and he stated that there was no reported damage. I am very pissed off at this point since they state that I have the option to get the bent rim back. I do not want the rim I want the full $2000 back that they charged me for a deposit. The rims I sent back did not have any marks or dings on the inside barrel section but the ones I received had marks all the way around the inside edge which their rep stated that they do not guarentee the barrel section to be perfect. They say one thing when you are ordering and another after the fact. I would recommend that if you want your rims chrome plated to find a different company. This company is very shady and I feel that I got scammed like many others before. Be aware before you deal with them that you will not get your full deposit back.

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