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Published: 29 March 2020

Posted by: LoiD67

Adfirmative’s CEO Joshua Lee, will defraud you, by telling you he will give you 1 1/2 times the traffic in dispute and by knowing exactly what time and date to file the rebuttle dispute claim on your credit card, I disuted 8, 764.02 in charges on December 14, 2009 from Adfirmative and stopped advertising on taht date Dec 14, 2009 because I had no conversions from Adfirmative traffic that were true. At first they looked good because, I was getting credits from my feeds. After a closer look that they were only clicking on one paid link per visit and and by receiving an $18, 000 charge back from advertisers. I contacted the CEO Joshua Lee to work out a deal. He said please plesae please reverse the dispute and I will go into your account and only send you tier one traffic, I will give you 150% credit on your expenditure with adfirmative, So I said OK I will give it another chance. So I did he sent me nothing that was even close to good traffic it was all the same old junk but I was paying even more per visit. So I reopened the intial case and wrote a letter to my CC company withover 10 exhibits, I though for sure the case was open and shut. When it came down to the last minute on 1/14/2010 he faxed in a statement that said I had credit back of $7, 022 and said the case was already solved, and said I also that I had spent $17, 000 in Jan 2010 “Of which I didn’t” Plus he zeroed out the account and never issued the credit to the CC company. He won the case by doing this. Be very careful when dealing with Allison Padgent & Joshua Lee or any other entity with LF Media or Adfirmative. If you do, make sure you use Google Analytics as a tracking device and look very close to try to track down the IP’s.

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