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Published: 31 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Thought I would try some vitamins I found on a news site . Only 13 bucks ,what the heck. Then 2 weeks later a $79.99 unauthorized payment showed up in PayPal from the name that the 2 bottles of pills from. I can’t afford the 13 bucks, I sure can’t afford the 80 bucks for this BS. Trying to get PayPal to cancel this is like getting air from the computer HAL in 2000 Space Odyssey. | Four different weasels are involved, MENTALDRAGFIGHTER.COM,866-965-1659,NC, MCNABSKINCARE|BURLINGTON|NC [email& 160;protected] & CTFIT,877-6334612,NC. I filed a report with Internet Crime Complaint Center. They probably are as fast as all the other government agencys ,anyway I will find out if anything gets done . I was having a good day & was in a good mood until I noticed $79.99 out of my PayPal that I did not spend. All Crimes Begin with a Lie. The only problem in this world is there are too many liars.

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