La Chele Medical Aesthetics

If you can, please avoid this place. It will only rip you off.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

La Chele Medical Aesthetics is a skincare clinic in New Hope, Pennsylvania. It offers non-surgical facial treatment, body contouring, and spa treatments as well. It claims to have one of the best professional and trained workers working under them who treat the customers with care and with respect. They also claim that they use one of the latest methods to treat their customers so that they can feel comfortable. However, all of their claims are bogus. These people are nothing more than a bunch of scumbags. I had a terrible experience with these guys and that prompted me to see if other people were irritated by these guys too. I found many people who were scammed by these fraudsters.
They only care about to make their money and don’t care for their customers. Their customers are unhappy with the practices at La Chele Medical Aesthetics as it has made them uncomfortable. It’s been always suggested that you should research before consulting a clinic or else lack of research will let you choose clinics like La Chele Medical Aesthetics.
You should always make sure that your customer feels comfortable around you. You should use soft hands whenever you are treating a customer. But lately, many of the customers have reported that the doctors at La Chele Medical Aesthetics are unprofessional and don’t know how to do the medical treatment.
When I went there for a Botox treatment, the doctor was acting nervous. It made me uncomfortable because I didn’t expect such a newbie handling my case. I had complained about it but they didn’t even bother to acknowledge my complaint. That guy ended up doing a botched up procedure on me, which I had to get fixed elsewhere.
Customers have also complained that the doctors at La Chele Medical Aesthetics are older and they don’t feel comfortable when they are treated by them. One of the customers told that he expected a young doctor to treat him, but was shocked to see an old one. He also went on to say that the doctor was not actually attentive to his questions and he was very short with answers. The customer claimed that clinics like La Chele Medical Aesthetics are only there for the money and they don’t ensure the health of their patients.
Customers don’t wish to visit clinics like La Chele Medical Aesthetics because first of all it is expensive, and they don’t care about their customer and only keen to make money from them. For clinics like La Chele Medical customers is not their priority as one of the customers told that she called them to get an appointment booked for her and husband and also told them she is pregnant and she needs a parental massage for this. When complained she was told that masseuse didn’t know about her condition and appeared to have no idea for a parental message. You must’ve noticed how degraded and disappointing this place truly is.

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