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Worst Experience with These Doctors

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Published: 28 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Apparently they are supposed to be one of the best in Los Angeles. I don’t understand how they are ranked number one or considered the best dentistry in the area.  I had the worst experience with these doctors. They promised to treat my ailment with simple procedures and medicines and hence I agreed to undergo all the procedures. I was happy about the appointment as it was a very highly spoken of place. When I visited the dentist as per the appointment I was excited but the first thing that I went through was very bad. I was in extreme pain for more than an hour. After the first procedure, they gave me some kind of a medicine which was supposed to be a pain killer but it did nothing to soothe the pain and I was asked to wait for two hours until the next procedure. According to them my teeth were in terrible condition and it need immediate treatment. The second procedure started after waiting for a long time but this too wasn’t satisfactory. One of my teeth was removed because it had decayed according to the dentist but later on after several hours after having left the dentist and being done with the procedures, my teeth were still hurt and so I decided to consult a different dentist and went to a different dentistry and I was told something very shocking. Turns out all that had to be done was a little of cementing and that the tooth shouldn’t have been removed. I was cheated by the first dentist; I never expected this from dentists of such a well known dentistry. I was very disappointed and I will not recommend this dentistry to anyone. I really hope they stop this unprofessional practice and that this comes into notice of the higher authorities.

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