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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Went to Moulin Rouge Paris, but it was sold out, Club La Diva, is across the street next to the subway, looked legitimate. I was walking by and the man outside asked if I was looking for a show. Cabarret, yes I said. He said $20 entry which sounded cheap so I hesitated. He said $10 and he would provide a drink, what did I have to lose, can always leave. But as it turns out no you can’t. He escourted me in, it was very dark. He put me in a corner. As my eyes adjusted I could see know one was there. A girl brought a drink over and started to perfom a dance. I told her I wasn’t interested. I was here for a cabarret show, which was evidently not here. She excused herself and went to talk to her boss. I got up and headed for the door. Not happy I said I’m leaving. As I’m walking out the door a man grabbed me around the neck from behind and dragged me back inside and threw me against a bar and told me I owed them a hundred euro for the drink. I said no way. I’ve been here less then 3 minutes and didn’t drink a drink. He made it clear he wanted my credit cards and or cash. I asked him are you not allowing me to leave. There was a man standing outside as well. He said not without paying. In the end I retained my credit cards, which I would have canceled within 10 minutes of my escape. But they did take my cash 95 Euros and 10 US. In retrospect the conversational questions they ask while outside, and going in, determines the kind of target they have. Non-French speaking, not in Paris for long, first time in Paris and has some cash, they look in your wallet when you pull out the entry fee. I went to my hotel and asked for the police. The hotel sent me to the local station who told me I had to go to the station in the neighborhood where the crime occured. The police officers had limited English. I could have spent the rest of my time in Paris working on this and after losing the equivalent of $135 American I wasn’t going to be robbed of the rest of my time as well. That’s what these criminals count on. Hard to believe the government allows them to stay in business with a store front right next door to the Moulin Rouge that has brochures on every hotel counter in the city. .

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