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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I bought a Groupon, but wasn’t able to use it before it expired. I made an appointment with them to use the $29 credit from Groupon towards a facial instead. When i made the appointment, their website said $55, but the price they told me on the phone was $65 But they said they would do it for $55. I arrived early, and was kept waiting 40 minutes. finally after hearing contradictory excuses from the girl working there, and the business owner, the business owner began my facial. she acted very rushed, and was complaining about how she had 2 other clients, although I only saw one other person in the whole salon. Before starting, she said that she was sensing an “attitude” from me. I had been thinking the same thing about her, but i frankly explained i did not like having to wait when I had been on time for my appointment. she tried to blame it on having too much to do, but then she said she would discount the price of the facial that day and let me do it for $29. She already knew about the Groupon. She rushed through the facial and did a terrible job, sloppily getting liquid and facial mask all over me, leaving the room a few times. Not very relaxing!! She told me she would do a hot towel treatment “on the house” but then she never did it. Instead she just put a damp towel on my face and left me there for 10 minutes. she came back and hurried me out of the room. Then I went up to the reception area to redeem my Groupon voucher for $29, she did so. Then she asked me about gratuity. That would mean I had paid in full for the service, and that she was asking for a tip. Right? I didn’t want to leave any tip at all, but feeling pressure from her, I offered all the cash I had, which was $2. She got angry and said she couldn’t accept it. I said that’s all the cash I have, and she said you need to pay with credit card, then she stormed off in the room, came back, and then started to tell me that I owed her $40. She quickly escalated to shouting at me that I owed her 20% of $65, and that Groupon’s policy is that I have to pay her 20% gratuity of the sale price of the service I had done. I calmly reiterated to her that I had already paid Groupon $29 , which was automatically credited to her, and that she had told me during the facial that would let me only pay the $29. I told her that the only tip I would leave was $10.which I offered because I assumed she was upset at having given me a discount and not getting a tip for it. At the time I did not know that she was the owner of the salon, and that therefore she would not be like a typical employee who offers discounts in exchange for tips that the business owner does not know about (something some restaurant employees do in order to pocket more money for themselves). She then proceed to shout and scream at me, wave her arms in the air, and insult me, and threaten to call the police if I didn’t pay right then and there. She said “I have police officer friends!” in a menacing way. Her behavior frightened and bewildered me, so I tried to leave but she threatened to call the police, so I decided I needed to stay and deal with this problem. I calmly explained that I didn’t have any cash on me, and that I was not comfortable leaving my credit card information at her business, but that I can go to the bank next door and get $10 cash for a tip. she said “I’ve seen this before, I know your type, I am going with you!” She followed me to the bank, walking 2 feet next to me the whole time. She was very angry and threatening. I withdrew the money and tried to give her the $10. she refused to take it and continued shouting and swearing at me, saying that I owe her $40 and that she is going to call the police. I think at this point she decided that I must have more than $10 available and she was determined to get more from me. I reiterated again that she knows how Groupon works and that Groupon automatically gives her business the money that I paid for it, so I had already paid for the service, and the $10 tip that I had just been forced to give was more than enough. She would not listen, and she called the police on her cell phone and began telling them a complete lie, that I had refused to pay at all and that I was trying to leave without paying! she kept following me as i tried to get away from her, I became afraid that she was going to hurt me. she threatened me saying she is a “thug” and that she “doesn’t play around” and that “she isn’t afraid to hurt someone” Those were her exact words to me. I used my cell phone to get an Uber car and got in and had them drive me about a block away, so I could escape her, because I was afraid she would attack me. I waited in the car until I saw the police arrive, and then I got out and walked towards the police. I calmly explained to the police why I had left, because I had been afraid of her, and one officer said “Yeah, she is aggressive”. She told the police officer that my Groupon had expired. I showed him on my phone the fine print where it says that the amount paid never expires, but even after showing him that and him agreeing to that fact, she continued to lie and say that my Groupon had expired and that I owed her $60. She also continued to say that Groupon’s police is that a 20% tip is required. The officer told her that gratuity is not enforced by law, it is completely voluntary. This is common sense, but she had yelled at me, insulted me, and threatened physical harm at me in an attempt to bully me in to paying more in gratuity. This behavior was completely insane. Finally after a lot of arguing, and her insulting me and lying to the officer some more, the police officer said that i had to pay the difference of the $55, which was the price listed for a facial on the La Femme Website, so I was told by the police officer to pay $26. I posted this review on, where I discovered over 40 other horrible reviews about this business. Please see it here: There is a common theme in the other reviews on Yelp that there was a bait and switch, and that services offered and paid for were not actually rendered, or were rendered in such an unprofessional and satisfactory way that the customers asked for their money back, but were denied. .

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