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They are just fake and give false hopes to their customers and patients. 

Due to my increasing consumption  of junk food and caffeine drinks, my weight was increasing day by day and I couldn’t do the day to day activities properly. My friends also started teasing me in school with various bad names and I could not even helped myself since I was extremely fat person. One evening after reaching home from school, I was really upset du to this. My mother came to me and said that she has found a solution for me. And then she told me about La Fitness. This is a health and beauty clinic whose members help the people to reduce the extra at of the body by providing few drinks and medicine and also gym facilities. I trusted them and started my treatment with them. But unfortunately, I did not get the expected results. I only got disappointment in return of paying them so much and more over they betrayed my trust and broke my heart too that now I cannot trust any such company who claims to make me fit an slim. They gave me he wrong medicines due to which I had several stomach and skin problems. I went through various skin treatments after that but could no get my original fair and lovely face back. I was suffering from a serious depression after that and nothing was making me happy since my beauty was fully lost. The drinks they asked me to drink was really tasteless. Moreover it increased my weight further which was just not acceptable for me. After this, my boyfriend even left me and I felt so helpless. They are so irresponsible and careless. They have no service ethics and are just taking money from their clients. I would never ever suggest anyone to visit them and to have there slimming treatment.

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  1. Natalie August 8, 2019

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