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Published: 14 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On July 19, 2016, this company delivered a reconditioned car battery to my work. I took it to install it on my vehicle on July 26, which has been sitting at a bodyshop. Upon installing the battery I purchased from LA Battery, my car did not start. Checking the voltage with a multimeter confirmed this battery was completely dead. Immediately, I contacted the person who had delivered the battery to me about the problem and was advised to reach out to Alex, seemingly the person in charge. | I was finally able to get his attention on July 27 where he requested a copy of the invoice sent to his phone. Since Alex hadn’t specified when he would get back, I sent a follow up text on July 28 and again on the 29th. At this point I assumed I was being ignored so I went on Facebook and Yelp to share my honest experience with LA Battery’s product and service, in which I would modify based on the outcome. | The same day on the 29th, I received a text from Alex stating that he would offer me an exchange or a store credit. Although it was appreciated, I declined his offer and asked for a full refund as I had to spend an extra $95 to buy a NEW battery elsewhere. On August 1, Alex responded with this “I’ll need about week..I’ll give you refund minus $20 that we pay the driver”. Although this wasn’t the full refund I was asking for I agreed to deduct the $20 to compensate his driver who has been very cooperative when Alex wasn’t responding to me. I have not yet received the refund from this company. | DO NOT bother to deal with this company and its junk batteries. You get what you pay for, and I learned it the hard way. Save the trouble, spend a little extra and purchase a new one!

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How are they able to get my banking details ive never dealt with this company and have never given permission to be able to take money

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