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Published: 17 January 2020

Posted by: Tsknar1972

8/14/2018 specimen # [protected] I arrived at the labcorp in question on this day a little after 12:30pm. I went to the window. The lady there instructed me to go back to door to look at times that drug screens were done. I went back up to window and apologized. There was only 1 other couple in lobby at this point. I explained to her that I was staying in Wilmington NC. She told me I could go to that Labcorp or come back later. I said well I would come back at 1:30pm. She said well come back a little early so that you can check in at kiosk and turn in your paperwork and be registered. I went to lunch to returned back a little after 1pm. I signed in at kiosk. The same lady took my order from the hospital for drug screening and my drivers license. I sat and she called me back up to sign paperwork. She instructed me to have a seat again that someone would be with me in a moment. A lady came through door and called me back. I was the only patient there at this point. The lady that called me back and the lady at front desk appeared to be the only employees there. They were focused on talking about their lunch plans. She brought me to exam room. She instructed me to sign 2 sheets of paperwork that she had already signed. One was for me and one was for them. I did this. She instructed me to leave pocketbook there and asked if I had anything in my pockets. I did not. She then handed me a open specimen container. She walked me to the bathroom that was next to exam room. She looked in the toilet but did not put anything into it. When I looked it appeared to be just clear toilet water. There was nothing else in the bathroom other then the sink, toilet, mirror, trash can and paper towel dispenser. She instructed me not to flush the toilet or wash my hands. I grabbed some paper towels to sit on the back lid of commode to sit my sample on once complete. I filled the urine container closed the lid and sat it on the paper towels. I wiped my hands on some additional paper towels and stepped out and asked the lady what she would like me to do with the container. She told me to set it on the counter in exam room. By this point the lady at the front desk had left to get there lunch. It appeared to be only me and this person. She instructed me to wash my hands. My drug test was still on counter on the paper towels that I had set it on. She left the room and went up to front desk and had a seat. I gathered my pocket book and stepped into hallway bc she said I was done. I realized I had left my copy of the document that I had signed so I went back into the exam room and gathered that. My sample was still sitting on the counter. Nothing had been put on it to say that it was mine and it had not been sealed. I asked the tech who was still sitting at the front window a few questions and she told me I would be contacted by the lab if there was any questions. 2 days later I was contacted by a physician assistant line [protected] #3. I spoke with the PA who asked me for a list of all my medications and about my health history. I asked if there was a problem. She stated that lab said my sample had abnormal physical characteristics and smelled of bleach. She asked me if I had tampered with it. I told her no. I had no reason to. I have been back and forth between the hospital, the supervisor Sandy over labcorp and now another facility where this sample was sent to possibly be tested. I have asked for copies of all documentation from what Sandy and I have discussed. She told me that it sounded as if procedures had not been followed and hospital should allow me to retest. She also told me she would call and tell them this. She called and spoke to Melissa Longo but only told her that she was investigating. I know I did what the labcorp person told me. I know I left a normal drug screening sample on that counter that was not properly sealed or secured. I do not know what happened to it after i was instructed that I was done. Now no one will return my calls. I need this issue resolved. I should have immediately been called to retest if there was a problem. I need to speak with someone who will take this matter seriously. I would just also like to add that I went to another drug testing facility within 1 week and had them run another 10 panel standard during drug screen on me which came back negative as I knew it would.

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