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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The only reason I can come up with on why this man remains in practice is he lines the pockets of his peers by creating conflict and billing, no other atty wants to take the time to do the right thing, or is willing to upset the cash flow. He regularly writes his clients declarations and misrepresents facts so not to miss any key phrases to get a ruling to his liking. He is everything honest people loath in an attorney. | Laborde comitted fraud and perjury by lying to the court to line his pockets for attorney fees, and bill for work that he did not do. | Laborde’s misrepresentations created an unfit mother to become the primary custodial parent. | As a self represented plantiff in this case, I certainly had a fool for a client as what should have been a simple limited asset divorce was turned into a shake down by Larry Laborde. | Additional lies to the court liquidated my business and redirected income earning assets towards attorney fees. | The writing was on the wall from the beginning when Laborde dismissed the 1st judge assigned for bias, and got the 2nd judge he felt comfortable with to hear this case. | Laborde imediately created a dislike for me with the judge by accusing me of stealing a ruling from the court file. This essentially put him in the drivers seat to get his discretionary motions rubber stamped by the judge. This includes an award for spousal support excessively exceeding over 1/2 the length of a short term marriage, and a number of other pivotal rulings based on Laborde’s lies such as imputing implied income. It was too late, but eventually the “stolen ruling” was found by the clerk. | Larry Laborde has no moral compass. I would not be the least bit suprised to hear the clerk found the “stolen ruling” in one of Laborde’s other case files. Larry Laborde is motivated by his own greed. | Laborde re-wrote mediated minutes to reflect what he wanted them to say for me to sign. Not what was agreed to in the mediation. Standard forms ordered by the court for Laborde to provide me to sign were incorrectly filled out, and he billed me for his errors. | Laborde has a reckless disregard to his oath, court rules, and divorcing parents. Laborde’s only concern is how fat HIS wallet is at he end of the con. | I can only hope that the CA State Bar catches up to him before he can cause any more damage to any other families.

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