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Published: 03 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On September 17, 2015, at approximately 5:30 p.m., Principal Inspector Eric L. Jakeman and Jason Sibley from the Los Angeles Building and Safety Department from the Van Nuys division located at 14410 Sylvan St. Van Nuys, CA 91401 trespassed into my homes back yard. | Mr. Jakeman and Mr.Sibley took pictures and attempted to gain entry to my residence with out my consent. Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley had no set appointment or administrative inspection search warrant to gain entry to my property. Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley informed me they were at my home due to a filed complaint regarding property code violations. The code violations included vehicles parked on my home, vacant lot, and a permitted attached deck located at my home. | I refused to let Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley into my home which resulted in Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley threatening me with physical aggression, intimidation, steering me to sell my property, arrest, retaliation with personal friends in other LA City Departments like HAZ- MAT and the Los Angeles Police Department Topanga Division. | Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley promised they would make my life miserable if I did not cooperate with them concerning the issue with my property. In addition, these building inspectors have used their friends at the Los Angeles Police Department Topanga division to gain personal information regarding my sister OC to locate her boyfriends home address and financial information to stalk and harass my sister and her boyfriend at his gated community home. | The LA Building and Safety Department inspectors are practicing corruption, violating peoples Fourth Amendment protection right, by attempting to gain property entry with no administrative inspection search warrant. Also, these LA City Inspectors are using the Los Angeles Police Department Topanga Division 21501 Schoenborn, Canoga Park CA 91304 to acquire properties owners personal financial and undisclosed home addresses, and unlisted phone numbers to intimidate, harass and threaten property owners to comply with their orders. | Further, Mr. Erick L. Jakeman and Jason Sibley are pathological liars. Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley have acted unethical, unmoral, corrupt, and deceitful in their | Building and Safety Department inspector positions with the City of Los Angeles. | Mr. Erick L. Jakeman and his associate Jason Sibley are LA City Building inspectors who are DEGENERATES, who break all city rules and policies when investigating property code violations. | Further, Mr. Erick L. Jakeman and Jason Sibley have know to stalk single Latina women in a attempt to intimidate them for sexual coercion. Mr. Erick L. Jakeman and Mr. Jason Sibley specifically target Latina women in the Porter Ranch, CA Area. | Mr. L. Jakeman and Jason Sibley have followed and stalked single Latina women | in an attempt to gain entry into their home by intimidating them with fear and arrest with the Los Angeles Police Department. | This is a serious matter and must be investigated ASAP. My Family and I are in fear of Principal Inspector Erick L. Jakeman and Inspector Jason Sibley, because they are abusing their city position to inflict abuse and harm to myself and my family. | Mr. Jakeman and Mr. Sibley are City Employees who are dirty and corrupted. | These deceitful, dirty, and corrupted City Building and Safety Department Inspectors are located at: | Principal Inspector Erick L ,Jakeman and | Building inspector Jason Sibley work at: | City of L.A. Building and Safety Department | 14410 Sylvan St. | Van Nuys, CA 914001 | Principal Inspector Erick L. Jakeman may be contacted at 818.374.9806 | Building Inspector Jason Bailey may be contacted at 818.374.9827 | Contact these Corrupted L.A. City Employees and tell them what they are doing is wrong.

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