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No knowledge! Lousy Staff! Constant Delay in Service!

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Published: 21 November 2018

Posted by: benjamin

I had been an old client here and would regularly visit this place from past 3 years. The owner is quite good and even the staff persons are helpful. However, lately, there have been several issues regarding the regular delay in servicing of my Jeep. The people who are in charge are not looking into this matter seriously and I have lost faith in getting any service from you guys.

LaGrange Country Dodge used to be a great place to get one’s jeep serviced now, everything has changed. Since the allotment of new staff, people have lost faith as everyone is acting so weird. There is no responsible person there, they are not taking people’s issues seriously and are only busy in themselves. Since past month, I had to come to this firm to get my jeep repaired for like 3 times and every time, I asked the lady that there is an issue with the engine, do check it and suggest the best method to make it work hassle-free again. But she has never listened to what I said now I had to get the engine replaced with a new one.
It feels bad to say, but I am really disappointed with the customer service now. It has degraded badly and needs immediate attention. Not just me, People are coming with their problems but the staff is never attentive to carefully understand the issue and act upon it. Sometimes I feel, this new staff is under-trained and have no knowledge about anything. I read in one of the reviews online, that the in charge kept calling the tailgate as hood and the issue couldn’t be resolved due to such awful reason. This shows the lack of knowledge of the staff and how the staff takes no charge for the delay in the service provided to the client.

No one would have ever thought that their service would drop like that. There had been people before who were working hard and even we could see from our jeep, everything would just be perfect. Now, things have changed badly and this is a sign of lousiness. The staff is not at all responsible and has to be told repeatedly to make this change. This is just so bad and I find no happy faces coming out of LaGrange Country Dodge. Their reputation is going down due to the bad service they impart, this is so bad. No one would have ever thought that such a reputed service provider has now become a cheap service provider.

It seems like yesterday when I got married and got the jeep serviced from the old staff who did a perfect finish in the stipulated time as was assigned and now reverse has started, the staff is giving us time. And we have to wait for days, to get the issue resolved. It is an injustice but no one will speak against it. I said today because I loved to come here before and would feel satisfied always and now I rather become fed up to explain the same issue again and again and then later find that the issue is still yet to be resolved. There is no timeliness left.

This has hurt the customers a lot, once I urgently needed the jeep, but it was stuck here due to the negligence of the staff who forgot to resolve one of the issues and I was told to wait for 3 days first and soon it changed to one week. I was so desperately in need and you all made my entire plan flop. Also, I think the price being charged now is not as per the quality of service being provided. This is so bad. People are relying on you people just for getting quality of service and if this is what they will get, why will anyone work with you people. Understand the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your customers, because they are the only way, you all are getting your income. Other than that, it is up to you, to change or stay the same.

I feel pity for the owner who has to adjust according to the staff as the present staff includes 3 family members of the owner. I hope there may be some positive effect to be seen in the service provision. Although I wish I could see the same old staff members when I visit next. They were really doing a perfect job. I had never thought that LaGrange Country Dodge is going to be a transformed place. I hope you people read it and take it on the positive side and reduce all the existing problems so that the customer’s trust can be retained for long.

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