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Published: 24 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had originally purchased a vehicle (used) from this dealership and after about 1 year they offered to see if they could interest me in another vehicle. I went to the dealership with little real interest in getting another car but my wife wanted me to at least talk to the saleperson about the offer. The salesmanager seemed very sincere and honest (watch out for this always and get everthing in writing) but I violated my own guidelines and I’ll take responsibility for that part. What I won’t take responsibility for is the lying actions of this individual who promised that the lease arrangement I was accepting had a hardship clause that allowed for the early termination of the lease. Feeling that I at least had a safety net in case of an emergency, I accepted a lease on a Hyundai Sonanta Hybrid. About 1 year into the lease I suffered a medical emergency and survived although the doctors said I would not likely do so. Now I am somewhat disabled and my financial circumstances have changed drastically since I was self-employed with my own business. I decided to return to the dealership to see what I could do about the lease in harmony with what the salesmanager had told me. Not surprisingly the person I had done business with was no longer employed by this dealer and the new salesmanager admitted that he was no longer there because of ethics issues. He is now employed by a Dodge dealer nearby I was told and his first name is Guy, so beware. The new salesmanager was very sympathetic to my situation and even stated that Hyundai did have a hardship arrangment at one time but this was in effect only during 2008-2009 and possibly 2010. While this may not be a reflection on how Hyundai Motors would do business or their corporate ethics; companies still don’t mind reaping the profits from fraudulent agents that represent them. My ultimate solution will probably be to have the car repossessed and suffer the adverse credit effects that will result. The old saying ‘let the buyer beware’ applies here and is the attitude all consumers should have in any transaction. I will never again lease a car since leases have changed little since the early ‘rip-off’ days of their inception, although the sales staff will try to tell you otherwise. The problem with leases are the dealers make winfall profits on the vehicle during the lease and the consumer has nothing to show for it at the end. There is no equity or ownership and it’s just a win/win scenario for the dealer. So yet again car dealers show why they have the reputation they do and why the consumer should be very wary when doing business with them. Like individuals there are dealers who try to be fair with their customers and feel that referral business is this best way to grow there dealership. Sadly many do not. .

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