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Published: 09 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Unfortunately this animal hospital not only does not know what they are doing, but they have no interest in saving sick animals. As soon as I walked in with a sick dog the vet was certain he was dying and would be dead soon, terrible bedside manners. She has continued to tell us he is not going to live much longer, but he has. Sadly, I knew more about the physiology/ailments of my dog than the veterinarians did, I had to tell them he was exhibiting signs of albuterol toxicity after I called poison control in the waiting room. The vet then told us to go home and turn on a humidifier for his aspiration pneumonia, which he got from vomiting after taking the meds they prescribed, a simple web search shows that is the exact opposite of what you do for a dog with pneumonia. The hospital owner refused to work with us on our bill, even though the reason my dog is sick is because they prescribed a medication that made him ill. When my dog was prescribed the medication that made him ill I specifically asked if the medication had any negative side effects (because I was not going to give my 15 year old dog a dangerous medication) the vet tech says “No – there are no negative side effects”. The sad thing is the vet that prescribed the medication had the flu, but the animal hospital owner was making her work through the flu. She was so sick she had to leave the room before I had a chance to ask my questions, so a vet tech was left to answer my serious inquiries. After giving my dog the meds prescribed he became seriously ill, however the veterinarian did everything she could to cover it up, telling me I needed to get a battery of tests done which would cost thousands of dollars. To top it off we were charged frivolous fees such as a monitoring fee, a recheck fee, and this is all on top of the already $600 they were charging to run tests that were not necessary. They wanted to do a liver biopsy to see if he has lymphoma, something that would cost thousands of dollars, before they would admit that they gave him a medicine that made him ill. Funny thing is, $700 and 27 hours later, my dog Tristan is improving just like poison control said he would after an apparent overdose on albuterol. Which the animal hospital is still rebuking. .

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