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Biggest Mistake Ever!

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Published: 25 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Taking care of your self is really important. With a hectic routine every day, you might compromise on yourself. But to be honest, if you are in good shape and have a healthy mind as well as body. You can always go to a spa or salon and give yourself some relaxation from the everyday routine. People often visit spas for massages and body relaxation but every spa is not worth your time and money. Lakeside Spa is one of such spas who are keen about money and not about their customers. Lakeside Spa is located in Calgary, Alberta. They claim to have one of the best spa services in the town as compared to other ones. They also claim to have clean facilities where you can make yourself comfortable, and make sure that the place is pleasant and sanitary and most of all it gives you the feeling you are looking for. But customers have reported that Lakeside Spa has not been able to deliver quality services to them, they don’t have the latest methods and techniques to treat their customers as it causes them pain and agony.
Recently, I was having a very rough couple of days with the busy office schedule and some issues in personal life as well. I am a working mother so things are a bit tricky already and with the entire hectic schedule I have had for the last fifteen days; things were extremely intolerable. When I got the time, I decided to go to some spa and relax. I wanted to give myself some time so my mind can have a break too. I usually go with a friend to the spa nearby but this time I wanted to be at a different place as my friend was busy. I was searching about spas and I came across Lakeside Spa. All the treatments and massages they had were quite eye-catching but the prices were too high. I still ignored the price and booked myself an appointment. The spa was tidy but I was not happy with the way they treat their customers. The masseuse had a real rude tone and the way she gave me a massage was terrible. I had told her already that do not use any aromatic oils as they react on my skin but she did not take it seriously and still used scented oils. All my pressure points were badly treated and my cervical muscles ache even more. The scented oils have given me an allergy which I was so anxious about. The lady who was supposed to give me a facial had the same issue of putting extra pressure to the muscles which agonized the issues even more. The scrub she used was very oily and the attendant could not even handle it properly. The minimum facial time is 35 minutes but at Lakeside Spa, you get quicker service and the facial is done within 20 minutes maximum. I made a mistake by changing my spa and I would never recommend Lakeside Spa to anybody.

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