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What a bad experience!

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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My sister narrated to me about Lakeview Dental care, which seemed so untrue yet you could see the damage it had caused, she never wanted to talk about it. My sister had toiled for a job after finishing her course for a long time and finally got a job in Lakeview Dental Care clinic, by that time it was trending being amongst the best of all. She was so enthusiastic about it, on arriving there she could not believe what she had gotten herself into. She found the employees who were working very early cleaning the clinic. Surprisingly they had neither gloves nor gumboots while cleaning. On asking why she was told that that was how they always worked, she was so hurt by this because it was so unhygienic but she had to join them in working because she needed the job to sustain herself. She started her job which was cleaning the doctor’s office and the wards, when she finished her work at four she wanted to head home but she was stopped by one of the workers stating that they had to work for 12 whole hours without a break. This was not the case in their job advertisements, the worker informed her that it only applied during the first day. The next morning she was supposed to report to work at 6 in the morning, not a minute late. This was so tiring because she had to wake up as early as 4 because it was a distance from her house to the clinic. You can’t imagine all the employees had no allowances considering all the risks they faced every day that is cleaning cutleries which could maybe be infected, with their bare hands. They increased many risks including the risk of contracting HIV. The doctors were so irresponsible and so arrogant, they had no regards for the workers. One of the doctor’s assistant was so lazy and dumped all her work on my sister and told her not to complain because she had no right to. During the end of the first month, she received her monthly salary, only to discover that it was only a quarter of what was initially advertised. This was so disappointing because she already had plans for it. She decided to ask one of the employees and she was told that one had to be in a sexual relationship with one of the doctors to receive all the salary. I don’t think if it were me I could have tolerated this since I’m very temperamental. My sister thought that it was so unfair considering all that she had gone through for the whole month until she had lost weight. So she decided to go inquire to the doctor, on arrival to the doctor’s office, he closed the door and the doctor immediately started making sexually advances towards her claiming that all the workers had to do that for them to keep their jobs and also for salary increment. My sister declined the offer and the doctor was so annoyed with her and he swore to make her life a living hell. Due to this, my sister had to quit. I don’t recommend this place for any person who wants to work with them. They don’t give a damn about their employees. Consider this while making your future decisions. She never wanted to expose this but I have done it for you, to save you from experiencing the same which could be more fatal.

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