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Waste of time and money. Terrible vets

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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My puppy is my dearest friend and I make sure that he stays in the best of his health. I take him to get regular checkups and make sure that he isn’t sick or in pain. One of my friends recommended me Lakeway Animal Hospital and I had a very annoying and terrible experience. The facility is dirty and shabby looking and there is nothing to rave about it.
We have various complaints with the front work area staff. And they charged double the amount for unacceptable prescriptions. Having to request refunds was a hassle so we just moved on. It is hard to plan an appointment accurately with them. You need to converse with different individuals on various occasions to hit the nail on the head. They certainly will keep running up your bill and give you superfluous meds or lab work if you don\’t pose inquiries in advance. They have given my most precious little dog shots without letting me know until after they performed them. Notwithstanding when we gave them her shot records, they made a duplicate and continued to give an antibody that had just been given… and then continued to charge us for it.
They also attempted to prescribe more medicine when we had said that we didn\’t need it and she had just been given it the prior week. There are different vets you can see…. we have not been satisfied with the majority of them (we have seen 4 total)….and Dr Walker is the worst one yet…and I am disturbed about the medicine our little dog was given without our consent because you never know what harm it is causing inside her body.
How I was \”invited\” was amateurish and horrendous. I left the place feeling unwelcomed and didn\’t completely comprehend the ailments that my puppy was experiencing. A portion of the staff didn\’t appear as though they recognized what they were doing and it was a long sit for all procedures to be done. In general, this experience was not what I was expecting because I left feeling frustrated and befuddled. I don\’t suggest this spot and I\’m not returning. My puppy is feeling unwell ever since she returned from there. She has been throwing up and is not eating at all. I contacted another vet and found out that they misdiagnosed my puppy. So in addition to the fact that my puppy has been languishing unnecessarily over two or three weeks, her condition worsened, yet I at that point needed to pay over $200 to another vet for a genuine diagnosis. I won\’t return to Lakeway. If you don\’t care about your patients, perhaps it\’s an ideal opportunity to retire. We gave them a chance to prove to be good caretakers to our puppy but they disappointed us badly. Many other good vets care about your pet and are genuine so you better take your pet to one of those places. Just stay away from this place.

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