Lamontay Garrett

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Lamontay Garrett hired hackers to spy on email accounts in 2012

I’m writing this here to warn everyone about Lamontay Garrett, address (1203 b Ash st) and email ([email protected]). Lamontay Garrett hired some criminals to hack into email accounts in May, 2012. And successfully got away with it.

As far as I know, these hackers were paid hundreds of dollars to access someone else’s email. Not only is this unethical, but a major crime in most part of the world. The fact that everyone seems to get away with this crime is shameful.

I got this information first hand from an ex member of this global hacking group, now incarcerated. As part of his legal defense team, I believe this is an injustice. How come only the hired-help got punished, while criminals like Lamontay Garrett who masterminded and funded this operation go scot free to live their lives. I don’t even know if their victims know that the person who they consider their friend (and family) is busy hacking them and invading their privacy and trust.

Maybe Lamontay Garrett wanted to check the partner’s email for infidelity, or maybe a business deal gone wrong. One may justify the intentions, but at the end of the day, this is a criminal act. I hope the victim [name and email address redacted by staff] confronts this person and gets to the bottom of this illegal act.

I will expose each and everyone of these white-collar criminals. If the hacker is behind bars, their clients and handlers also deserve the same treatment.

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