Lana Carter

Lana Carter

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Published: 10 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Yesterday afternoon, my father (who has severe agoraphobia and anxiety) received a phone call from a woman named Lara Carter. She did not identify herself with a specific agency/business, but instead gave the impression that she worked with the Bernalillo County Court Clerk’s Office. She insisted that my father owed Chase Bank $5,000 and that he was being sued. She knew and offered up his birthday, social security number, phone number and address. She said that she could settle that debt for “only a few thousand dollars”. When my father, then panicked, informed her that he had no money to do this and that his only income was his disability, she became aggressive and insisted that the lawsuit would go through, that the IRS would be gotten involved and that there was nothing he could do about it. | When he called me to inform me of this information, he gave me her phone number and I called her myself. She refused to tell me who she worked for and where. She put me on hold to “check his account”. While on hold, I found this in my digging: |… | This page indicates that the woman, here named “Lana Carter”, has been scamming (possibly successfully) the southwestern part of the country. From what I’ve gathered, it looks like she’s using VOIP or a similar phone relay service to make her line difficult to trace to one location. After trying to alert the FBI, FTC, CPB and APD about the situation, I was told that there is nothing that anyone can do but warn others. So, that’s what I’m doing. My father’s anxiety could have easily evolved into something worse than the full-blown panic attack that proceeded to occur. | Please educate yourselves and your loved ones about this woman. She is not who she says she is, she has more than likely gotten thousands of dollars out of unwitting victims and she always speaks with a very professional style of articulation. Her name and the phone number that called us are included below.

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