Dr. Lance Lowe

Lance Lowe faces charges after falling asleep while driving

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Published: 18 August 2017

Posted by: Grant D. Morrell

Lance Lowe must report his recent DUI arrest to the S.C. Board of Medical Examiners. The board will monitor his pending case. Lowe founded Palmetto Pediatrics of the Lowcountry. He has 30 days from his arrest to alert the board that he was charged with child endangerment and DUI. This was on December 13th, after he allegedly fell asleep behind the wheel with his daughter in the passenger seat, in Charleston. Lowe has to renew his license on June 30th, and these charges will be reviewed then as well.
According to the S.C. Law Enforcement Division, the doctor from Bluffton has no prior criminal record in the state. It is not clear whether Lowe was under investigation or whether the medical board was likely to take action against him. Lesia Kudelka (spokeswoman for the S.C. Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation), did not say any more besides the fact that cases are dealt with on an individual basis.
The licensee and witnesses can be interviewed by the Office of Investigations and Enforcement, and evidence will be reviewed and a case presented to the Investigative Review Committee. A hearing will happen finally, following a recommendation from the committee to the medical board. The recommendation may either dismiss the allegations or issue a formal complaint.
A Beaufort DUI attorney, Chris Geier, said he represented clients who reported to licensing boards – lawyers and dentists. However, he isn’t representing Lowe. He commented that the board will probably not suspend or revoke a license because of one arrest. He said if there wasn’t a conviction, then there will probably not be an issue, but also added that they were monitoring it.
A police officer approached the pickup truck Lowe was driving. The truck was stopped at a green light at the Charleston intersection, which was where he was arrested. Lowe was woken when the officer knocked on the window. Immediately, he took off and struck the police car. He tried to make a U-turn and drive away, but struck a street sigh and stopped. He wouldn’t turn off his car, and the officer detained Lowe. He didn’t answer when he was asked where he was going. He smelled strongly of alcohol, and his daughter said the open beer can in the car was her father’s. He wouldn’t do a Breathalyzer test. He was then charged.
The 45 year old doctor posted a bond the next day and continued to see patients at his practices in Okatie and on Hilton Head Island. He is also affiliated with the Hilton Head Hospital.
Lowe’s preliminary hearing on his DUI charge is scheduled in Charleston Municipal Court for Friday.

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