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Published: 09 January 2020

Posted by: Tracy Herter

I am writing to describe the poor service we have received from Land Rover Calgary, AB. We purchased our 2007 Range Rover Sport from Land Rover Calgary on November 2006, at the time of purchase we bought extended warranty on the promises of the great service and the reputable brand as sold to us from the sales associate and the management team. We sincerely believed you get what you pay for at the time of purchasing from this dealership and thought we would be loyal customers for many years to come. First of all when we picked up our vehicle we were told they were all out of the rubber mats and that they would send it to us the next few days (since where we lived 350 kms away from Calgary and there was no land rover dealership at home). A few days came to 2 weeks and since we had a trip planned that required us to drive thru Calgary we advised the sales associate we would pick it up on our way. That day we loaded our vehicle and when I closed the tailgate it didn’t latch properly and the power closure failed, we called the service department and he could not offer any advice and suggested to bring it in for service. Upon arriving at the dealership the salesman who sold us the vehicle and a service advisor both pushed on to the tailgate and finally managed to activate the power closure. It created a concern in my head how in the world could I a person weighing 115 lbs can manage that myself when it took over 300 lbs of force to rectify that problem. On February 23, 2007 we drove to Calgary to fly out for a week of vacation, during the drive on the highway the radiator overheating light came on. The next day and hour prior to leaving for the airport I decied to call Land Rover Calgary and have the vehicle serviced while we were away. Upon calling the service department and talking to Terra Broatch the service adivsor I explained to her the problem and asked if she could arrange for someone from there dealership to pick up the vehicle since I did not have enough time to drop it off myself. She told me it was not possible and that I would have to call Land Rover Road Side Assistance myself and get it towed to the dealership and they would have it serviced prior to us returning and she gave me the 1800 number. I told her about the problem I was having with one of my two keys, how it did not work even when you are right at the vehicle and told her I would be supplying her with two keys to get it reprogrammed or whatever was neccessary to resolve that problem. On March the 6th Saturday. we had a relative pick up the vehicle from the dealership to drop it off at the hotel where we would be staying, and he realized he only got one key back instead of two. He called the dealership and was told the service department had gone home already and that the customer advisor Ricardo would call me on Monday. Monday and Tuesday came and no call was returned, I called Land Rover on Wednesday and again my call was not returned. I decided to call he next day and spoke to Terra broatch the service advisor about the situation, she told me I would have to call the tow truck company myself and search for the key because she doesn’t remember receiving both keys. I asked her if she could provide me with the name of the towing company but told me I had to call Land Rover Road Side Assistance for that information and she could not help me. I made the call and tracked down the towing company the dispatch was very helpful and tracked down the driver who picked up my vehicle and confirmed both set of keys were dropped off at the dealership. I called Terra at the service department and told her of the situation, she dismissed my information and adamantly stating of not recieving the key. She told me I could get a new key and it was fairly expensive (her exact words) and for a price around $500.00 to $600.00 CDN, then she told me she did find a key behind her cabinet but it was in quite a poor condition. I told her it couldn’t be mind because my vehicle was only 3 months old and I took care of the keys since I was the only driver. I asked if she could look up the serials on the key to see if it matched mine, she said it was not possible and there was no information to track the keys. Out of desperation she convinced me to take a digital picture of the cut on the key and fax it to her because her email account was not set up. I told her it would not show up clearly on a fax but she still required it, I called her after the fax went thru and as I thought it was not detail enough to compare to the actual key. I decided to email the picture and a brief detail of the situation to the fixed operations manager and the sales associate who sold us the vehicle regarding the situation. The next day Bob the fixed operations manager called and spoke to my husband and advisedus it was our responsibility since we called the towing company initially and he stand on the fact they never received two keys. However we called Land Rover Assistance and not directly the towing company, and frankly it is Land Rover who should be rectifying the problem. And to make matters worse now Ricardo the Customer advisor who never returned our calls no longer works there and a new management personnel Patrick has taken over the position and wants us to detail our situation and email it to him. How much more time do we need to invest in to this situation? We went to Calgary on a business trip and stopped at the dealership to speak to Patrick and unfortunately he was not in. My husband spoke to a sales associate and he simply ordered us a new key and asked for our phone number to look up the serial number for our key in there database. He told us we could discuss with Patrick who would be responsible for the cost of the key later and it would only take 2 to 3 days to arrive. Later that day Patrick called us and asked if we bought the vehicle from there dealership and if it was leased or purchased, and how is that information relevant to the missing key? And surely he must have all that information in his database at the dealership. Perhaps trying to find an excuse to pass the buck? Nobody wants to take the responsibility and Land Rover Calgary simply does not care about there customers once you have signed along the dotted line. All we want is for Land Rover to provide us with a new key. We are still waiting for Patrick to return our call from 5 days ago and want to believe Land Rover Calgary practices good business.

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