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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

If you encounter someone involved in “Landmark”, run…seriously. This is a cult and basically a mind control factory interested in only one thing…your money. One of my friends went to the “Forum” and soon she basically had no life at all except for “Landmark”. Every spare second of her time was spent there, I believe she had to pay them when she volunteered and she basically convinced every single friend and family member she had to attend (as “Landmark”is the only thing that matters according to their philosophy). On her urging i attended the three day Forum and was not only amazed at the sensory deprivation (three days of sitting in a basement in uncomfortable chairs, very close to the person next to you with no food, except on breaks, and dim, depressing lighting), but also by the fact that the goal is to have “breakthroughs” (uncovering traumatic past experiences) in a very unsafe environment…as I am pretty sure none of the “leaders” had any mental health education. I found the entire experience to be the epidomy of irresponsibility on their part as the human psyche can be fragile when it comes to past trauma and there is a reason licensed professionals have licences. I also found the “leader” to be somewhat abusive when challenged. For example, a woman stood up at the microphone and said her husband had some skepticism about Landmark and the Leader replied “we’ll then he doesn’t love you”. Also, after hours of droning on about “The Landmark Forum” a few of the attendees went to the wall to just stretch and the “Leader” said in the most derogatory tone “come back here and sit down!”. I attended the “Forum” a few years ago, but I am writing this now as I just watched the Scientology documentary. Aside from Landmark not mentioning aliens and I never got punched in the face, Landmark and Scientology seem to be very similar. Once you go to the Forum, then you are urged and badgered to go to the next level ($700 at the time….and more sitting in a chair) and badgered to invite your friends and family members…and I don’t use the word “badgered” lightly…for they had your cel phone number and would stalk you, asking if you had “invited” anyone yet. They try to make sure you drop the cash for the next level because in the next level is the only way to “get it”. Landmark has a cult like vocabulary, they try to convince you that nothing else in the world matters if you do not attend Landmark, not church, yoga, therapy, career, family, God….nothing….none of it matters if you are not involved in Landmark, it is the only solution for your life and there is nothing else. They attack any “enemy” and are quite sue happy of anyone who calls them a cult. They will try to squeeze every dime out of not only you, but your loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. And after doing research, I realized half of the stories our “Leader” told us were just lies…flat out lies. .

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