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Published: 28 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On October 6, 2014 we entered into a contract with Landmaster for a variety of landscaping projects as well as a 2 year maintenance agreement. To date we have the following issues: 1. Trees purchased and planted by Landmaster died and have not been replaced. 2. Maintenance of yard has not taken place as provided in the contract – Turf fertilization from February-November 8 step process has yet to occur – Lawn cutting/edging/trimming (April-November) has yet to take place. Two areas of yard are so overgrown that we have received a notice from our homeowners association – Biweekly Bed Maintenance – weeding – has yet to take place – Tree maintenance – monthly feeding (Holly tone/Jobe sticks) has yet to take place The contract we entered was in total valued at $28,315. The contract has been paid in full and Landmaster continues to not meet obligations and has stated that the contract we signed ‘has no value.’ We have tried time and time again to contact Bill and given him numerous opportunities to remedy the situation. He apologizes after realizing how kind and patient we have been and then only a week later continues along not meeting the terms of the agreement. .

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