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Published: 08 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve never came across a brokerage so rude. I never got actually “scammed” because i didn’t book a load with them, but i will tell you that the broker i spoke to was absolutly horrible. It was a female, sounded like she did NOT want to be there. I called asking about a load and once i asked if she could give a $50 higher rate she wants to tell me our mc number apparently wasnt in the system. ok. i call carrier services and they say that i am and for the broker to call them so they can speak with her. i call her back and i let her know what they said, sounding annoyed she tells me that she will call. i simply ask her if she needs their number, so i could make it easier on her rudely she tells me ” NO, i know how to reach them”. do you think she called them? No. ok that part is done and over, i then ask my co worker to call to see if she will respond to him the same way but not give our mc number unless she asks, so she wouldnt know its someone from our company again. & while he asked her the weight on the load, she doesn’t tell him the number, instead she tells him ” it’s legal ” so he asks her again what is the weight, she repeats “it’s legal”. ok we’ll let that one slide too. He asks her what the pick up time is, she says that it wouldn’t be able to get loaded same day because it’s raining and that there was already people calling about that load and they were probably there to load it already because as she said that its whoever gets there first will be the one to take it. uhm REALLY? i havent been in this industry very long but i highly doubt it works like that. she took the “first come first serve” term too literaly. ive never came across a brokerage who doesnt assign loads but rather gives them to whoever gets there first. im thinking she was just being a smart a**. but either way… i didnt have a good first impression of LANDSTAR.

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