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Published: 30 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is ti inform all the people out there that reload there own shotgun shells,Do not purchase the hand reloaders made and sold on ebay by a company called Lane’s Hand Loader’s the persons name is Jonathan Lane. He claimes that his home made loader’s that he makes in his garage are quality reloader’s and i have made the mistake of purchasing a set of the loaders for the 410 3 inch and 2 1/2 inch shells he also sells these aliminum tools with copys of owners manuals made by Lee manufacturing so ha does not even have his own information on how to use the reloader he has stolen the manuals from Lee Reloading, and he advertises on ebay that there is a money back garantee on these items but when you try to return the reloaders they do not work as promosed or the do not work correctly at all. I have contacted five othe people that have purchased Lanes Hand Loader’s and the other four people had the same proble as what Lane Hand Loader’s are not a funtioning tool they do not work at all the way Jonathan Lane says they work,he will tell you you are not using the tool correctly and between the five of us reloaders we have 136 years of reloading between us all,iI have purchased a Lee hand loader of the exact loader that Jonathan Lane uses the manual on to sell his non funtional items. So just to help people to save there hard erned money, do not purchase any hand loaders from Lanes Hand Loader’s produced by Jonathan Lane in a garage,and beware as he also makes loader’s for other calibers,as you will not get you money back and i do not know how he fudged the ebay feed back as i know for a fact that there was at least five bad reviews on there and when you check it noew it says 100 percent good.This is all i have to say about Lane’s Hand Loader’s made by Jonathan Lane as these hand loader’s he makes do not work and when you contact him he is very,very rude to you and tells you rite off the bat you do not know what you are doing and each loader he sells gets him up to $50.00 a piece,so beware,Complete Rip Off. .

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