Lanier Valley Dentistry

A horrible place that does not deserve to stay in business!

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Published: 04 June 2019

Posted by: Timothy

If you don’t want to read the whole post then I’ll give you a single piece of advice, STAY AWAY FROM LANIER VALLEY DENTISTRY. First off, the dentist did not bother to refer me to a certified oral surgeon and he decided that he has the skills and tools to take out my wisdom. Have you seen any horror movies? If yes then you can easily imagine a doctor pulling out my wisdom teeth with a fucking plier. I’m not joking man! That guy literally used a fucking plier to pull out my wisdom teeth. I suffered from immense pain for many days. The pain was totally unbearable and I decided that I will never go to Lanier Valley Dentistry again. Yesterday I got a notification from my insurance company stating that I have been charged $75.00 for missing an appointment at Lanier Valley Dentistry. WHAT THE FUCK?!?! I did not even book an appointment after my horrible visit, then how the hell did I get charged for missing one? Seventy-Five bucks is a big deal for a college student who barely makes ends meet. I could not afford to lose such money randomly. So I contacted the Lanier Valley Dentistry and asked them about this random billing. They told me that they booked an appointment for me for my own convenience. I was baffled and I asked them why did they not even ask me before booking the appointment and the girl on the other end just said “sorry” and hung up the call. I understand that there are dozens of good dental clinics in my area and I should have gone there instead, however, Lanier Valley Dentistry has a 4.9 rating on Google Maps, which made me think that this place was the best. Please don’t fall for this silly trap as I did, I’m sure that these big dental clinics get fake reviews written for their online reputation. Just the thought that there would have been dozens of people who got fooled and scammed by Lanier Valley Dentistry, scares me. Please stay safe and do extensive research before choosing your dental place. I did a major mistake and suffered because of it. However, I wouldn’t say that it was all my fault, because after all, who can suspect that a dental clinic with a flawless reputation would be a sham?

There are many better alternatives and I would suggest you check them out instead. I’m not a marketer and I will not tell you to go to a specific dental clinic. I’m really sorry for the long review, but this information is really necessary for the safety of the people of Dacula, GA. No one has revealed the real face of Lanier Valley Dentistry and this is a dangerous fact. Please share this post with your friends and family who lives in Dacula so they can stay safe from this scam as well.

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