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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Russian scam artist Yuri Khlstov now is operating his 5th China Scam company in the last 10 years and once again his primary victims are young college students, university grads, and the unemployed of the UK, America, Canada, and Europe. | He specializes in baiting people with dreams and fake job and internship vacancies with 5 star Fortune 500 and MNC employers for which you always qualify until after you sign their contract and pay money that will never be refundable unless and until you show up at his office with a CCTV news reporter. | Bait and switch is his modus operandi and victims only realize they are screwed after they spend a pile of money to travel to China and are told that the company you wanted to work for hired “someone more experienced than you just yesterday”. But you are told not worry because an vene better opportunity will be available in 3 months with the same company. | In the meantime you are persuaded to teach English for some unlicensed black market “learning center” for chump change (like $2,000 a month, when you originally were promised $8,000 a month). | They bring you in on illegal visa so that in case you “make problems” for them they can call the cops and get you deported because you are an illegal immigrant worker without the mandatory Z visa (work visa) they never arranged for you. Although you are told the office is in Hangzhou, it is really in the Haidian District of Beijing. | All the tesimonials and “reviews” you were spoon fed by their sales reps were all produced by paid shills. Even my GF was offered $1,000 to make a 2 minute video testimonial before we had our blow-out with Yuri and his girlfriend. He has a side-kick named Igor (another Russian) who spends his day between buying testimonials and deleting negative posts on the internet about Laowai Career Center, Gi2C, and WiseWay Global. Igor is a talented hacker who brags he can make anything on the internet disappear within 2-4 weeks. This is the only reason you do not see a lot more complaints online. | Everytime this scumbag gets caught ripping off young people he always blames either a jealous competitor or some disgruntled former employee. And because he has been in China for almost 10 years he ha sthe local cops in his pocket for only a few thousand dollars every month in bribes. | He has been featured many times at and other scam sites for Laowai and his his other Gi2c China Internship scam as well

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