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Larken Rose and "The Non-Aggression Principle"

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Published: 28 August 2019

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Is Larken Rose Amoral?

Larken Rose, author of \”The Most Dangerous Superstition\” and 2018 speaker at Anarchapulco is part of the truth/freedom/anarchist community. Some may refer to this \’community\’ as libertarian. Labels aside, what credibility does Larken Rose bring to the truth/freedom/anarchist community if he cannot keep his personal life personal? If he defies the non-aggression principle in being unfaithful to his wife – Tessa Rose and having an affair with another man\’s lover?

Let\’s begin:

In 2016, Tom Gorman made a YouTube video entitled:

The video is a personal account of his experience finding out his lover Amanda Rachwitz was having an affair with Larken Rose (married to Tessa Rose). Tom Gorman details this in the video. The video should be watched on its own account, and in full. But, it raises the question of credibility with regards
to natural law.

On the Anarchapulco website (, it states….\” He has been an outspoken advocate of the principles of self-ownership, non-aggression and a stateless society for over two decades, producing many hundreds of articles and videos, including….\”

Wait a minute? How is having an affair with another man\’s lover exhibiting morality? Has he not broken up two relationships – his own to
his lover Tessa Rose and then the man Tom Gorman. For what good reason?

Given these acts of infidelity – will other \’anarchists\’ follow suit? Think it is a ok to have an affair and ruin the lives and trust of others whom you love so dear? How is an affair exhibiting \”non-aggression?\” What \”causes and effects\” for the negative were generated when the affair occurred?

Why would you elect for an affair and not simply dissolve the relationship with your lover first? How can having an affair possibly constitute upstanding character? When you feel the urges, is that not time to reevaluate yourself and your relationship with your sole lover? Is \’anarchy\’ now an orgy where everyone should love everyone – romantically?


Think about this, sincerely and honestly. Reflect on this behavior. Is having an affair upstanding behavior for a leader? Anyone critical
of politics is aware of the affair between the Clintons, no? Why, then,
is it a ok for an affair to not be called out at that level within the libertarian community?

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