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Published: 26 February 2018

Posted by: Jen.m

About 3 weeks ago I purchased a car from Larry Spacc GMC in Dunkirk NY. In short, the Retail Installment Contract was signed and all the other paperwork as well. One week later the dealer called me saying that they were not able to sell the contract to a bank but could to another bank if I put $800 more down and raised my interest rate. I said NO and Larry Spacc said I would then have to return the car. The contact I signed is between the car dealer and me and says nothing about needing to sell the contract to a bank. So there for the car is mine unless I default on the loan. A week later the dealer repo’d the car on grounds that I was not honest about my financial situation and hid information from them. Funny thing is that they had a copy of my paycheck with all the information needed right there.. So they are LYING/. DO NOT SHOP AT LARRY SPACC GMAC! I will be filling a lawsuit and they will be brought to justice?. I will also ensure that all possible media coverage about this crime is covered as much as possible.. Consider this my mission!. If you to have been taken by Larry Spacc GMC then please respond, .

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