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Published: 10 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I stumbled upon this website and decided to search for this company I had the privilege to work for. The reason I am posting is because I truly agree with previous employees. I regrettably wasted less than a month working there. This place is a horrible! From the moment I started there, I was warned of certain people to stay away from. I was told to keep to myself and to trust no one. What kind of an environment is this? Little by little I began to see that this was true. The girl that was training me was no help! Everytime I would ask a question it seemed like she would get annoyed. She was rude to me, was not friendly and she had a weird oder. She sounded like she smoked a pack an hour. “”The Supervisor”” was no help either. It seems like they rather be on personal calls and pretend like they’re working then actually help the new girl learn the job. No wonder she always had her head piece on. You wouldn’t be able to tell if shes on a personal call. It seems like the only person working was another one of the girls that sat in the front because the girl that was training me and the Supervisor were always gossiping to eachother. Even about the office managers personal life. I knew so much information about other employees business than my actual job duties in that short amount of time i was there. Almost everyone there is somehow related to eachother and I was even appalled as to how many people have come and gone. For a company that prides themselves in having a “”handful”” of employees being there more than 10 years that is a disgrace! You’ve had about 500 or more employees go. What made me not come back either was the fact that I was in the elevator one day and I said hi to to main lady who calls herself the C.O.O, I did not get a hi back, all she did was stare at me, dead in my face, then had the nerve to look me over with her eyes up and down. She got out and still not one word was said to me. I felt so uncomfortable and from that point on I said to myself this is not the type of place for me. Future employee’s STAY AWAY! .

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