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The doctors here are ruthless and careless.

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Published: 28 June 2019

Posted by: Timothy

Don’t visit the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York. This place is a big mess. They don’t bother to look at whether they are doing the right procedure or not. Those guys burned my skin! I had visited the place for a laser hair removal and they burned me! What kind of professionalism is that? If they can’t even treat their patients properly then how can they claim to be world leaders? I hate this place. They didn’t even apologize for their mistake. They just that mine was a rare case. The doctor blamed me all the time to get my leg burned. Look, if it was a corner shop claiming to do laser hair removal then I might’ve understood the reason for the mess up. But these guys are like the best, right? They claim to best skin surgeons in the entire NY state. And yet, they messed up my laser hair removal.

I was afraid of the procedure already so I did some online research. I had read somewhere online that laser hair removal can result in burning BUT that only happens when some inexperienced or novice practitioner is doing the procedure. With experts, it doesn’t happen or at least, it shouldn’t happen. I had discussed this possibility with the doctor there but he just told me that there wasn’t a risk of that sort. I also noticed how they weren’t willing to discuss the risks of the procedure. They were AVOIDING the topic. They didn’t want to discuss the risks because they feared that I might chicken out. I didn’t bother them with more questions about the risks too. During the procedure, I felt very strong pain that my skin was burning. I shrieked in the middle of the procedure too. But they kept it up. They didn’t even bother to stop and see if they were messing it up. They just kept BURNING MY FOOT! When the procedure was over, I had a burned foot to deal with. So much for getting hair removed, right? Anyway, I got really mad at them but they told me that it wasn’t some burn and it was just a reaction to my skin. They told me that it’d get okay within a few days. That was a lie. There’s a clear difference between a burn and a scar. I know the difference, hell, anyone can see the difference. So yeah, I was pretty mad at them for burning my freaking FOOT! I demanded a refund but they told me that my procedure was successful and I was overreacting over standard side effects. At that time, I thought they were right so I stopped bothering them. But everyone told me that my foot was burned. Eventually, I went to see a dermatologist who confirmed that my foot was burned. And it was burned during that laser hair removal. Those sly bastards thought it’s okay to lie to their customer. Don’t trust these guys they might burn you too.

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