LaserCare Eye Center

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This place had the worst service ever!

My wife had been suffering from poor eyesight for a while and after initial consultation she was told to get LASIK. The doctors here told us that she will get perfect eyesight in max 2 days. However, her eyesight just got worse. Earlier she could do usual chores without glasses and now she can’t even do those properly. Also, she keeps complaining about pain in her eyes especially when she uses her phone or laptop for a while. The procedure basically ruined her eyesight even more. When we went to the centre again, the doctors told us that she is having a slow recovery which can take almost a year. A year! Nothing of this sort was conveyed to us before the procedure. They said it wold be painless and easy. But now apparently she has to get spectacles until she recovers. It’s so not acceptable since earlier she had no need for them. A treatment that’s supposed to make her eyes right is making her wear glasses! This ain’t even cheap like the treatment cost us a lot of money despite insurance and now the glasses and medicines are an extra that we shouldn’t have to spend at all? But because of their negligence and mistake we are suffering! The doctors now refuse to deal with our case and keep turning us away saying that we need to be patient. You made my healthy wife sick and then refuse to take responsibility. On top of that, the reception desk has the audacity to send us emails about payment clearance when we have paid for everything already. I have sent them all the bills and records because clearly they can’t even do simple things like book keeping and accounts. They are absolutely not worth your time and money. Please avoid.

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